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Junior Chamber of commerce of Montreal
Quebec Young Self-Employed Individual Award

Anne-Marie Jolicoeur, winner of the "Quebec Young Self-Employed Individual" 2019 award presented by the Junior Chamber of commerce of Montreal. This award encourages the new generation of businesspeople and highlights Quebec young business talents.

Monique F. Leroux
President, Quebec Economic and Innovation Council / Former CEO, Desjardins Group

Anne-Marie worked as a communications consultant on multiple projects in Quebec and abroad. With strong skills on both the strategy and operations fronts, she was able to lead these projects to a successful conclusion. Working with Anne-Marie was a real pleasure!

Charles Gould
Director-General, International Co-operative Alliance

Anne-Marie helped our international organisation at a time of transition and great promise. She showed us how to organise exciting, but disparate, communications work into a coherent whole, resulting in a comprehensive communications plan. She then demonstrated the skills and approach we needed to implement to pull together staff and members who were unintentionally working at cross-purposes. Her strategic mindset, combined with hands-on expertise, has prepared us for what we now need to do.

Marie Grégoire
Special Advisor, TACT Intelligence-Conseil / TV panellist / Former Member of Quebec’s National Assembly

I was fortunate to work with Anne-Marie to develop an organization’s positioning strategy. She was highly organized and thoroughly professional, and her receptiveness and in-depth knowledge of the issues made her a key player in the success of this delicate operation.

Stéphane Bertrand
CEO / International Summit of Cooperatives

The Summit’s interactive strategy was greatly enhanced by Anne-Marie’s expert services. Her unflagging commitment, tireless search for innovative strategies, creativity, and professionalism were instrumental in making the Summit a social media hub for information about cooperatives in Quebec, Canada, and internationally. Anne-Marie’s hard work produced excellent results: we connected with over 4 million people online, and helped inspire concrete actions that promote the cooperative model.

Michaël Carpentier
Author, speaker, and founder / Agence Sigmund

Anne-Marie has a knack for finding a positive foundation to build on and an acute sense of the human dimensions of every assignment. She’s an energetic decision-maker who exercises good judgment and knows how to value her skills while recognizing the talents of others. This makes her a top-notch team player driven to succeed with every project.

Jacqueline Dubé

Anne-Marie is a dedicated professional. Give her strategic responsibilities and watch her put her heart and soul into finding the ideal solutions, and inspiring others with her determination and focus along the way. Anne-Marie was a key asset in creating our new brand image. She knows how to turn communications challenges into opportunities.

Chantale Jacques-Gagnon
Coach and coordinator / Quebec Entrepreneurship School

When Anne-Marie came to speak at the Quebec Entrepreneurship School we were struck by her enthusiasm, professionalism, and sense of humour. Her class on communications was captivating! The content was practical, pertinent, and tailor-made to engage our learners. Anne-Marie expresses herself clearly and doesn’t shy away from the tough questions. She’s a woman of action who is deeply committed to what she does. We were blessed to have her!

International French Language Forum

Anne-Marie successfully advised us on the best social media practices and strategies to reach young French-speakers and Francophiles around the world. This was our first year of the International French Language Forum, so there was no playbook to follow. In this sensitive context, and on a very tight schedule, Anne-Marie showed outstanding creativity, flair, flexibility, a keen eye for detail and above all sound judgment. Our event proceeded smoothly and was a resounding success, and we couldn’t have done it without Anne-Marie!

Guillaume Ducharme
Director of Communications and Partner Relations / CEFRIO

It was a real pleasure to work with Anne-Marie. What she brings to the table is proven expertise managing and coordinating online communications projects coupled with a strong grasp of information architecture and writing for the web.

Azim Mandjee
Expert Advisor for Enhancing French in Technologies / Office québecois de la langue française

Madame Jolicoeur’s workshop taught us a great deal about social media and how it is used today. With great openness and ingenuity, Anne-Marie adapted her workshop to our context – enforcing language legislation –in a way that equipped us to better evaluate the use of language in social media by companies, ministries, and organizations. A success!

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